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International Education Day

Autor: Administrator , 15. 2. 2018. 17:31

Within the project "Magic Values" Croatian pupils had different activities and tasks regarding to the activity International Education Day.

They watched documentary films "What does education mean to you" and "The power of Education".

They have also researched the history of Croatian education, and the importance of UNICEF, because our school is included in a project "Schools for Africa" .

They have prepared a presentation about education in other EU countries.

Our pupil Gabriel Grljević presented his experience of education in Germany, since he lived there for a while.

Pupils of the 8th grade have prepared quotes and a pinboard about the importance of education in the world.



My experience with Erasmus+ by Dora Karaman

Autor: Administrator , 15. 2. 2018. 17:30


Our Hastings adventure

Autor: Administrator , 15. 2. 2018. 17:29


We visited Hastings, England in October 2017. and we had a great time.

We visited a lot of interesting places, saw a lot of new and fascinating things, met new friends, spoke a lot of English and learned some Italian and Spanish words and while doing all of that we had fun, fun, fun!

As said in our video: Four countries, one big friendship - a fantastic week with something old, a lot of new and everything to remember with a smile on our face :) 

Part of our adventure you will see in our video and we hope you'll like it.

Now we are preparing everything  for April, because we are hosts and we hope you'll like it as much as we did when we visited you.


Iz medija:



Prva mobilnost - Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Autor: Administrator , 15. 2. 2018. 17:27

Susret je trajao od 26. ožujka do 1. travnja 2017.godine. Predstavnici OŠ Lapad bili su učenici Lukša Stabile, Luka Aletić, Đivo Klaić, Ina Bašić, Andrea Raguž i Lara Skaramuca u pratnji profesorica Darije Čanić, Danijele Bubalo i Lucije Vujice.

Tjedan su proveli radno, učeći i družeći se s vršnjacima iz Italije, Engleske i Španjolske. Partneri i domaćini iz Las Palmasa pripremili su bogat program i raznovrsne aktivnosti. U sklopu boravka bio je i kulturni program prilikom kojeg su posjetili  Tejedu, Arucas, Veguetu i mnoga druga mjesta. Jedan od ciljeva ove mobilnosti bio je promicanje vlastite kulture, upoznavanje drugih kultura  i običaja te poticanje komunikacije na stranom jeziku. Ovaj boravak završen je obilježavanjem Dana solidarnosti gdje su učenici i profesori učili stare kanarske borbe, otrčali humanitarnu utrku i otplesali zajednički pozdravni ples.


Happy holidays!

Autor: Administrator , 15. 2. 2018. 17:25

Before we go on winter holidays we would like to wish our partners and friends, and to all the people around the world a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We wish you lots of happiness, health, love and joy!


Croatian pupils researched the United Nations A4

Autor: Administrator , 15. 2. 2018. 17:19

After the winter holidays a new assignment was waiting for us - to do the research about the United Nations.
Our pupils were very excited and hardworking.
The first task was to do the research and make notes (history, features, performance, members, contribution to peace in the world, the Convention on the Rights of the Child...).
The research was done in our school IT classroom.
Then we divided pupils into two groups. One group had to make a power point presentation about the United Nation, and the other group had to make a poster about it.
In the end our pupils held a presentation of their work and we are very pleased with it.
The posters are now on the pinboard in our main school hall so everyone can see it.
Here are some pictures of the working process and the result.



Croatian interview with the UN employee

Autor: Administrator , 15. 2. 2018. 17:18

We are happy and honored that we managed to make an interview with the UN employee Mrs Nevena Bakalar. After contacting her, we explained Mrs Bakalar everything about our project Magic Values Erasmus+ and she was happy to help us and gave us the informations about the UN from the fisrt hand.
Once again thank her for all the help she gave us. 
Here is what she said to us

Interview for Elementary school Lapad, Dubrovnik, Croatia


Can you tell us something about the United Nations organization in which you work?

I work for the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification in Bonn, Germany. The organization works to fight the challenges posed by land desertification and degradation, which is one of the major causes of human migration and displacement. The Convention is supported by 100 world nations, or country parties, which also includes Croatia. We are currently preparing for our Conference of Parties (COP), which is to take place in China in September 2017 where the most pressing topics and decisions will be discussed and made regarding land degradation and desertification matters.

What is your current role within the respective United Nations organization?

My role is that of a key Communications Focal Point for a specific project called the Land Degradation Neutrality Fund (LDN Fund), which seeks to promote private and public investments in projects that combat land degradation on a global scale. My responsibilities are to communicate with private and public institutions, partner and academia to identify relevant projects in developing and developed countries. Also, my role is to maintain and update information and knowledge on our online platform (our website:, as well as other public websites. Our team produces informative communication materials, such as brochures, market studies, pamphlets, scientific articles and event-news articles.

What was your motivation for entering the United Nations system?

Since my High School degree in Toronto, Canada, I was drawn to the studies of international politics and diplomacy. I chose courses such as international relations and political science. During my University period, I studied International Relations and graduated with a Master Degree in Global Environmental Studies. My education was directed toward work with global environmental issues on a global scale and it was the next logical step that I would begin to apply to United Nations jobs in this area of specialization.

What is the process of entering the UN job market?

The process of entering the job market with the UN is a lengthy one, however if one adheres to the process rules and guidelines of applications, one can expect to receive a positive response within a reasonable time frame. Knowledge of English plus preferably one additional UN language (French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Portugese) is of great value when applying for a job with the UN. Also, exposure to working with different cultures and in different world locations is a big plus.

What can you recommend for young people who wish to focus on entering the UN system in the future?

Every United Nations organization has a junior programme, which is specifically designed for young people who wish to gain experience within the system. Also, each organization has their own respective rules regarding the admission and process of applications, which can be found on their websites under Junior Programmes. Most often, such programmes offer young people the exposure to the working world of the United Nations, teaching them the basic values and principles of the system. There are also several summer programmes-camps, with the objective of bringing young people from different countries together, allowing them to exchange knowledge on the basis of their educational and cultural backgrounds. These types of scenarios also ensure that the young participants gain exposure to a new (UN) language, which is crucial in the case that they chose to continue to focus on a career within the UN system.

What are your thoughts about the Magic Values Erasmus+ project and its importance for young people in Europe?

I am following the Magic Values project and I think that it a great way of continuing the European integration process in education between member states, in the way of motivating young people to gain international exposure and stand outside of their comfort zone. It is quite similar to a number of UN Junior Programmes, which also promote the integration of different cultures and values and seek to unite young people from all over the world. In my opinion, it is crucial that young people from every nation are given an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience with other young people from other cultures and nations, and therefore become better prepared for the global job market.

Nevena Bakalar
Research Officer - The Global Mechanism
United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification - UNCCD
Platz der Vereinten Nationen 1, D-53113
Bonn, Germany



Autor: Administrator , 15. 2. 2018. 17:09


Peace activity was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun for Croatian pupils.

We've done some great activities and once again realized how great and hardworking our pupils are.
In their peace messages you can see how they are mature and sentimental, how they know the real values of life. We are proud and our hearts are full!
After making "Peace bracelets" which we will give to our new friends in Las Palmas, they've also learned to say / show PEACE in a sign language (you can see that in our video).
In the end, we've let go our peace messages in the air hoping they will reach someone's heart and raise the awareness about the peace importance.
John Lennon said: "Peace is not something you wish for; it's something you make, something you do, something you are and something you give away."
We hope you will enjoy our work!



Croatian Erasmus+ Magic Values corner. A3

Autor: Administrator , 15. 2. 2018. 17:02

Our pupils made our Erasmus+ Magic Values corner.
The flags represent our partners and new friends, equality and respect.
Children holding hands on the top of the world represent that when we act together and support each other, we can achieve everything. With great love, excitement and peace (heart & doves) we enter this journey, and even though it is just the beginning our hearts are full.
Here are some photos how our corner was created and how it looks now.





Autor: Administrator , 15. 2. 2018. 16:59





The "Magic Values" project was born from the idea of offering and train members of the project experiences of cooperative work between the family and the school and the development of social values. We want to show that collaborative work improves indices of school success and reduces problems in schools. This project tries:

- Establish new methods of work in schools and improve it dynamic work.
- Provide alternative new work to other schools, proposing new materials and resources from the broadcast channels.
- Improve school success statistics
- Provide materials and resources that can be shared on sites promoting European programs


The objetives are:

1. To Promote, share and Participate in work experiences Which Encourage social values at school - Intercultural Education and Basic Skills
2. To Promote the exchange and knowledge of other educational work's realities in Europe. - European Citizenship
3. To Encourage the family-school relationship-through collaborative projects and activities. - Intercultural Education
4. To make the conscious and aware about the need educational Communities to Work Together Against Social Inequalities. - Intercultural Education
5. To promote the foreign language development - Basic skills
6. To encourage the use of ICT  among students and teachers - Basic skills
7. To encourage at school the European dimension of shared work - European citizenship

It try:

- Establish new methods of work in schools and improve it dynamic work.
- Provide alternative new work to other schools, proposing new materials and resources from the broadcast channels.
- Improve school success statistics
- Provide materials and resources that can be shared on sites promoting European programs

In the project are  five schools from Spain, Italy, England, Poland and Croatia. Each one provides key elements for the successful development of the project:

-Spain: It has much experience in projects of integration of the family in the school through joint efforts to promote solidarity with several prizes and awards at regional and national levels.
-England: School which promotes cooperative work with families in different experiences to sharing. Rural, family environment.
-Italy: Town center established in an area with social difficulties, very dynamic and creative in establishing measures for the promotion of solidarity and different social values.
-Poland: An experienced European projects with experience in integration of the family in the school center
-Croatia: School that promotes work values very important for personal development tool.

We will structure blocks term activities with a theme of work related social value. All activities are related with each moment:


Contact and dissemination of results will be critical so we will use the following channels of communication and dissemination:
-Mobile application
- Blog
- YOUTUBE Channel of our Project
- WEB of different schools
- Sheets activity analysis
- Informative portals of different national agencies
- Each school will be discussed, periodically results in different organs of government.
- Exhibition will be held in the school about the material made
- The "Erasmus+ Corner" will be promoted as informative element
- Periodic communications to the national agency
- Periodic evaluation Memories

We expect a change in the dynamics of schools. A greater inclusion of families in school, a pedagogical approach based on work values and improved school success.

Tangible results:
- Raise the rates of school success: During the period of the project we will measure the impact the project has on success indicators in our schools.
- Provide all results in mass media with public character: project blog, link to the official website of each school ...
- Getting schools take concrete activities with family involvement and the entire educational community as a means of promoting social values
- Creating new structures inside schools like Erasmus commission +

No tangible results:
- Changing dynamics in schools
- Work environment based on teamwork
- Training teachers in organization and implementation of European programs
- Creating a sense of need in the educational community to work together
- Awareness of the European dimension in education
This project will be an educational project that hopes to improve European society, will help schools to find new ways of collaborative work and educate their students .. "IN A MAGICAL WAY"



Iz medija o projektu

Autor: Administrator , 15. 2. 2018. 16:58


Magic Values

Autor: Administrator , 15. 2. 2018. 16:57

S ponosom možemo reći kako je OŠ Lapad član Erasmus+ projekta pod nazivom Magic Values te je ujedno i prva osnovna škola u Dubrovniku koja sudjeluje u takvoj vrsti projekta. Partneri u ovom projektu su škole iz Španjolske, Italije i Engleske. Projekt se odvija pod pokroviteljstvom Europske unije, a za provedbu projekta Osnovnoj školi Lapad izdvojeno je oko 19 tisuća eura kroz dvije godine, od čega je 80 posto novca isplaćeno na početku, a preostalih 20 posto trebalo bi biti isplaćeno na kraju provedbe projekta. Erasmus + projekte odobrava Nacionalna agencija za mobilnost svake države.

Tijekom školske godine učenici će osmišljavati radionice, izrađivati plakate, prezentacije, a najbolji od njih bit će izabrani za predstavnike škole. Kroz aktivnosti učenici će razvijati sposobnost kritičkog mišljenja, preuzimanje inicijative, rješavanje problema, uporabu digitalnih alata te osposobljavanje za timski rad. Ovim projektom također se potiče i mobilnost učenika pa će tako 12 učenika škole imati priliku posjetiti Španjolsku i Englesku, upoznati se s novim prijateljima, njihovim načinom školovanja, sporazumijevati se na engleskom, španjolskom i talijanskom jeziku.

Sve se aktivnosti projekta mogu pratiti putem besplatne aplikacije KONVOKO - Magic Values te na youtube kanalu i blogu Magic Values.




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